Why Your Doc Might Think Of Dow Jones While Inspecting Your Rectum [. . .]

Next time you need to have your local family physician check your bum he/she might be prompted to think of the Dow Jones financial index..

Nothing to do with the bottom falling out of the economy . . . everything to do with memorizing anatomy and physiology terminology using mnemonics.

A doctor might recall, for example the seven components of the human bowel . . .


Using a mnemonic (a method or system for improving the memory) based upon the first letters of each of the bowel components - D, J, I, A, C, S and R.

Here's the Dow Jones connection. A doctor might remember the names in their correct order by creating the following phrase . . . 
"Dow Jones Industrial Average Closing Stock Report"
Alternatively: to include the cecum, 
"Dow Jones Industrial Climbing Average Closing Stock Report".
Firstly, I have always been amazed at how doctors remember the names of body parts, disease states, scientific terms and medical names given to the drugs they need to prescribe.

When I used to work in the medical and pharmaceutical industry I had a hard time recalling the stuff. I used mnemonics to recall the terms I was having problems with.
Doctors, nurses and medical students worldwide are using a site called MedicalMnemonics.com - a database of medical mnemonics.

Mnemonics have existed almost as long as the medical knowledge itself. 

Many of these mnemonics float down from professors, demonstrators or other students. 

At MedicalMnemonics.com you will find no less than  248 medical mnemonics some with a visual cue to help reinforce a new memory.

Below is an example . . . 
Anterior forearm muscles: superficial group -

There are five, like five digits of your hand.

Place your thumb into your palm, then lay that hand palm down on your other arm, as shown in diagram.

Your 4 fingers now show distribution: spells PFPF [pass/fail, pass/fail]:
Pronator teres
Flexor carpi radialis
Palmaris longus
Flexor carpi ulnaris

Your thumb below your 4 fingers shows the muscle which is deep to the other four: Flexor Digitorum Superficialis.
The Lancet reviewed MedicallMnemonics.com with the following . . . 

The Lancet
Volume 355, Number 9208 March 18, 2000
Review: "Memory-boosters for medical students -- 'With vomiting, both the pH and food come up. With diarrhea, both the pH and food go down.' How to remember the path of sperm in the male reproductive tract? 'SEVEN UP': seminiferous tubules, epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, nothing, urethra, penis. These and many more amusing mnemonics await users of the Medical Mnemonics database..."
Next time you are lying face down on the doctors table and he/she starts talking finance it could just be that they are simply trying to remember your arse from your elbow!

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