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In a previous blog I reviewed a book titled The 50th Law co-authored by New York rapper 50 Cent and acclaimed author Robert Greene.

The main message from this book is "fear nothing".  Easier said than done.

After reading The 50th Law I could not get out of my head one single idea. It kept repeating itself over and over in my mind.

That idea was this: 'the ultimate skill in business today is to have an intuitive feel for what must come next'.

What follows is too much of a coincidence for my liking. Especially as I have been working on developing my own intuition for the last two years or so. That decision to build my intuitive skills, by the way, was prompted after reading another book titled The 11th Element by Robert Scheinfeld and published by Wiley (go hunt that book down too!).

Here's the thing. As I am playing the 'ultimate skill' line from The 50th Law over and over in my mind recently I notice a Twitter account that is standing out like a flashing neon light. And yet this account had nothing in particular about it to make it stand out as such. It was, of course, the Twitter account page of Intuitive Consultant and international radio host Miss Lucy Diamond.

As is the very nature of social media I was able to connect with Lucy Diamond in a very personal way and within hours I was recording an interview with her about how intuition can help you succeed more in your business and personal life.

The interview was recorded today in fact! Social media is amazing.

You can listen to the streaming MP3 audio version of that interview via the flash player at the top of this post. 

Some of the key things Lucy reveals include -
  • you can combine your common sense, past experiences and natural abilities with intuition
  • the importance of asking yourself  "what do I want to achieve"
  • the need for truth and honesty from within (being true to yourself)
  • realizing that from the moment you wake-up your intuition is at work
Lucy Diamond is founder of the Intuitive Life Network and hosts two high ranking internet radio broadcasts in the niche of metaphysics and paranormal phenomena. She is a delightful person to talk to and I know Lucy and I will be talking again soon to record more of our discussions about the role of intuition in business success.

Two books I highly recommend you read in 2010. The two books mentioned above!

Miss Lucy Diamond can be contacted via her Twitter page at
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