[Interview] Internet business success with Sylvie and Michel Fortin

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Michael Searles interviews
Sylvie and Michel Fortin 
Net Business Training Specialists 
 Audio Interview - Part One
Success Net Story Interview Part 1 of 2
Audio Interview - Part Two
Success Net Story Interview Part 2 of 2

Chills of Inspiration
It's true -- this interview gave me chills of inspiration.

I literally could not wait to play back our candid one-on-two telephone call with Canadian husband and wife team Sylvie and Michel Fortin. 

The content is THAT good. The interview is produced into a total of eighty minutes of streaming audio split over forty minute editions.

They are the 'Real Deal'  
After talking to Sylvie and Michel Fortin for eighty minutes I was convinced they are the 'real deal' when it comes to having a successful business on the net -- and for showing you how to do the same.  

In the case of the Fortin's it's not just one business but several.  

They cover everything from being young, broke and without work all the way through to being the multimillionaires they are today.
I can't encourage you enough to take the time to listen to their entire story. 

I heard stuff about internet business I have never heard before!  

Prepare yourself to be inspired as I was -- and grab a pen and something to write on. You WILL take notes!

NOTE: During and toward the end of the interview the website www.SuccessChefSystem.com is mentioned. This page is no longer live. Instead, visit www.SuccessChef.com

UPDATE: 2015 A sad postscript to this story: Sylvie Fortin lost a long battle with cancer in April, 2015. Condolences to Michel and families. R.I.P Sylvie .. you made a personal impact on me.