Chris Voss: Audio Interview with a Serial Entrepreneur

Chris Voss Quote: "I didn't suck off the corporate tit for twenty years - I created the tit".
Press Play - turn on your speakers and turn up your volume

If that doesn't give you a peek into the mind of Chris Voss, serial entrepreneur and social media genius then nothing will.

Chris and I just recorded this half hour interview during which Chris allowed me to dig deep and peek around the corners of his quick thinking mind.

If you are a follower of Chris Voss and The Chris Voss Show  (and that's some 200,000+ people) you will already be hooked on his unique style.

If this is your first meeting with Chris Voss then put the kettle on, sit back and get ready to be informed, entertained and may be a little shocked!

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PS There is a little editing glitch near the end of the recording where it appears I am talking over Chris for a few seconds. Be assured that wasn't the case. I was editing the interview over multiple tracks and overlooked this error. Apologies.