Justin Bieber Leads Tim Whybrow On You Tube

Justin Bieber is a young Canadian singer that started his professional career on You Tube.

Tim Whybrow is a young Australian singer, song writer and clever video producer and has been posting his own videos on You Tube just like Justin Bieber.

Big Buzz Interviews discovered Tim Whybrow by chance and we ask him about his songs, music and videos. Without doubt, Tim Whybrow is the next big thing waiting to be picked up and launched onto the world stage.

STEP 1: Listen to this ten minute podcast interview with Tim Whybrow as he tells how he got started and how he has been invited by You Tube to be a You Tube Partner.

STEP 2: Watch this sample from some 48 different Tim Whybrow You Tube videos

You can watch and listen to more of Tim Whybrow at his You Tube Channel or go to You Tube and search Tim Whybrow or search by his You Tube account name TwitedTim01.

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