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Yesterday I introduced the concept of 'cause and effect' and how the word CLONE is a perfect symbol for representing what happens in nature between the causes and effects occurring right now in your business and life in general.

Today I will go one step further to expand on the Laws of Nature involved in success and introduce you to a guy who has absolutely nailed these concepts in his own online businesses.

This guy makes money in his sleep and teaches you to do the same. More about him later.

I have studied the psychology of human behavior as it relates to influence, persuasion and marketing. What I am sharing with you in this article is sound, positive and backed up by proof.

Firstly, let's recap what I covered in my last article. Below is a graphic to remind you of the Laws of Nature that are the bridge between the actions and the reactions we cause in our attempts to be successful in online business, marketing activities or any personal endeavor.

Source: The Australian Guide to Selling on the Internet

I have researched the following source material from the book, The Australian Guide to Selling on the Internet.  I am going to list the Top10 Laws of Nature as listed and explained in this book.

Read these Top 10 Laws of Nature with an understanding that there are FOUR core values behind all human motivation, desire and choice.

 Convenience, Quality of Life, Self-Interest, Distraction

. . . and of these four core drivers the strongest motivating value driving human behavior is SELF INTEREST

Remember this as you become familiar with the Top 10 Laws of Nature. For ease of remembering each of them they all start with the letter 'S'.
  • Harnessing the Power of SCARCITY - for higher perceived value
  • The Art of SPECIALIZATION - split yourself from the pack
  • SELF INTEREST - the pain-pleasure continuum
  • The Science of SYMBOLISM - the understanding of memes
  • Automation and the business of SYSTEMS
  • The Key Role of SIMPLICITY - never complicate what is already simple
  • The Powerful Force of SEDUCTION - attraction, attraction, attraction
  • The Issues Surrounding SECURITY - alleviating fears
  • Establishing a Network of SUPPORT - leveraging through joint ventures
  • Exponential Impact of SYNERGY - when 1 + 1 = 3
Now let me introduce you to the guy I mentioned at the top of this article.

Have you heard of Australian Brett McFall? Brett is a brilliant marketer and teacher of a proven system for making money online even when you are tucked up in bed and fast asleep!

Let me make it clear here that I am NOT affiliated with Brett McFall and any of his books, programs or projects. Not yet anyway. So the recommendation I am making here is totally independent.

I do want you to research Brett McFall at I will also say that of ALL the people who 'sell' Internet marketing systems online Brett is one of only three I really respect (the other two being Jim Edwards and Marlon Sanders).

Brett McFall teaches a system for making money online through Internet marketing methods and his system is one that can be cloned for success.

I attended a week-end seminar run by Brett McFall and have also watched more than twenty-four hours of Brett's workshops on DVD. The main reason I introduce you to Brett McFall is that I can identify in so many ways where he uses the Laws of Nature in the content he teaches and has used himself in becoming a multi-millionaire from doing business online.

In summary, I hope that the concept of Cause and Effect and the 10 Laws of Nature which when combined to create the word CLONE ignite in you the desire to either make a new start with your online or offline business goals or if you are already on your way then let these ideas confirm and reaffirm in your mind that you are doing the right thing for yourself, your family and the people you care about most. More than that, you are doing the right thing for YOU!

Source Credits: 
1. The Australian Guide to Selling on the Internet (2001) by Geoff Ayling . Published by Business and Publishing -
2. Brett McFall -

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