Consumers Looking Online and Buying Offline

Charles Darwin described the evolution of mankind and changed the course of human thinking.

But Darwin was not in a position to predict the evolution of multi-channel behavior and the emerging trends of consumer buying behavior both online and offline.

According to research reported by Google Affiliate Network  - Blog (first published on Google Retail Blog) 34% of consumers report they  first researched online before going to the store to make their purchase.

Below is a graphic depicting consumer (n=1850) pre-purchase and purchasing behavior.

What can we learn from this data if we are marketing ourselves, products, services and ideas to customers?

Consumers leverage both the online and offline worlds in making their final purchase decisions so as 'retailers' we must also integrate our marketing strategies to reach the offline, or "nonline" consumer.

Summary - Do not forget the online world when marketing to your customers in the offline world! 

Source: Google/OTX Post-Holiday Consumer Study, January 2010. Q12 Thinking about your recent Holiday shopping experience, in which of the following ways did you approach your Holiday shopping? Select all that apply. n= 1850.