How To Make Money With Your Speaking Voice

Press Play - turn on speakers and turn up volume

Heather Costa wakes up each morning and loves what she has to do to earn a living -- Heather is a professional voice actor, talent and coach.

In this episode of Interviews with Experts, Heather tells radio host Michael Searles how she got started making money with her speaking voice -- and goes on to give some useful tips on how anybody can earn an income using only your voice.

Heather is not only a seasoned voice talent with some 300 clients under her belt but she also uses her extensive training and experience in the professional voice industry to help train others.

The three things Heather Costa says you should do to kick start a new career using your voice -
  1. get some professional training
  2. create a demo/portfolio file
  3. learn how to market yourself - and get out there and do it
For information about earning an income with your speaking voice visit Heather Costa at or the net links below.

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