Meet The 5,000,000 Email List Man

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Struggling to build a list?

This story will either inspire you to greater things -- or make you feel sick to the stomach (somebody fetch me a bucket). Make sure you read to the very end because I have a tip you will want to use.

Back to the big list man. There's a guy -- a very clever guy, who has built a mailing list of over 5,000,000 (that's five million!).

Just to put that into some quantitative measure, conservative estimates put the average dollar value of an active address on an email list at one dollar.

Um . . . what's five million times $1 equal per month? (where's that bucket?!!?)

Some other stats that might give you a slight case of vertigo.

These are his site stats for the month of September 2010 (openly published on his home page):
  • there were 9.8 million visitors in September 2010
  • they made 18 million separate visits
  • resulting in 17.9 million page impressions
Before I send you to his site let me tip you off on three things I see that he has done differently to most email marketers collecting email opt-ins, myself included.
  1. You will notice he puts a FAQ link at the very bottom of the opt-in box
  2. You will see he also has another link to 'View Past Tips'  (interesting - he sends 'Tips' not 'emails')
  3. You will see his opt-in box is published on every page of the site
    So I'm sure you're busting to know who this guy is by now.

    His is UK based and he specializes in weekly money saving tips!

    His name is Martin Lewis (that's him) -- he's a financial journalist by trade and his site is:  Money Saving Expert

    Now to be serious. Lewis is obviously one clever marketer and it's guys like this that we can study and learn a few things. 

    Why not see how he has progressively built his online business since he published his first web page? Would you if you could?

    Here's how you can do the same with any web site.

    In fact you can see what his site (and any other site) looked like six weeks ago, six months ago even six years ago.

    Here is a secret little tip I can give you.

    The way to view nearly any single web page ever published since the dawn of time . . .

    The service is called Way Back Machine and it is where you get to access 150 billion pages (all these big numbers making you giddy yet?).

    An interesting viewing is to go back and see the VERY first Google page ever published.

    Simply put into the search field of the Way Back Machine and hit Take Me Back.

    And so - why not do the same for Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert site. 

    I did and saw the very first page was published July, 2002. 

    Click through a few different dates and see the changes he has made. 

    You can learn much from successful Internet marketers this way.  

    People like Martin Lewis and his list building success.

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    Way Back Machine: