Podcast FlashPlayer Not Visible In Posts?

Due to issues yet known the flash player for the audio podcast of interviews on this site may not appear if you are using Mozilla Firefox or Comet Bird as your browser.

Below is an IMAGE ONLY of what the audio flash player looks like when it is publishing without issue.

If you CANNOT SEE the real flash player (without the red border or text) in each of the media posts on this page where a podcast interview is published or on the Big Buzz Interviews page on this same site - then please try viewing this site using Internet Explorer.

For Techies Only
For some reason the source codes for the flash player is appearing in each of the posts html regardless of the browser but the player is not publishing in certain browsers. If you have any expertise in resolving such issues please contact me by email. I would be grateful. Thank you.

I apologise for the technical problem and I am working on finding a solution. Until then, thank you for you support and patience.

Michael Searles