How To Succeed With Intuition Without The Fluff

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Maria Elita is an author, speaker and Soul Coach to the stars.

Here she talks straight from the heart about success, intuition, fear, ego and greed baring her own soul in this candid interview with Big Buzz Interviews host Michael Searles in another episode of Interviews with the Experts.

Maria Elita is back on Big Buzz Interviews by popular demand. Her first interview on this channel generated the highest number of audio downloads of all interviews published this year.

The public speak with their finger tips! They love Maria's straight talking style, and you will too.

More than an interview - this podcast is a course in how to succeed in business and in life using your intuition minus the fluff.

You will hear Maria Elita talk for more than forty-five minutes about -

  • success and perception

  • connecting to the soul part of the brain

  • you are unique - your story is not

  • money changes people

  • being of service to people

  • stop trying to 'figure it out' and start trying to 'feel it out'

  • no fluff success formula with intuition is as natural as breathing

  • fear - ego - greed

  • and more . . .
Listen also to how you can get a copy of Maria's book, 'Intuition Tuition' free!

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