You Can CLONE Any Success

CLONE is an interesting word when it comes to success.

Take the letters C - - - E from the word clone for example.

The 'C'  can stand for 'cause' and the 'E' for 'effect'.

Sir Isaac Newton taught us about the law of motion.

Just as in the cause and effect in the balls below. Drag any ball and let it go (and turn your speaker sound up).
Click and Drag Any Ball and Release

Now what about the L-O-N in the middle of the word clone?

These letters fit perfectly with what I have come to know as the Laws of Nature that are at work between every Cause and Effect.

So, what does this have to do with you and your success?

Let's say you had a goal you wanted to achieve in business. You take action of some kind relevant to moving you closer toward the fulfillment of your goal.

Depending on the cause or action taken and the understanding you have of the corresponding Laws of Nature involved I have come to learn that you can predictably and repeatably copy, model or clone the success of others who might have already gained a similar goal.

This process can apply to business, sport and to any and every other aspect of human endeavor.

My previous guest on this program, Australian author, speaker and Soul Coach to the stars Maria Elita has talked about some of these Laws of Nature.

I want to tell you more about how people clone success when they understand the relevant Laws of Nature involved.
Stay in touch with this site to read and hear more (I will record the article as a podcast) in my next article.