The Power of WOM (Word of Mouth) Marketing

Marketing has changed!

The rules of the game read nothing like the traditional rules of marketing.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have turned the 'tried and true' methods of marketing on their head.

Following is the perfect example - a cure for bad-breath.

Through a clever combination of YouTube videos, Facebook friendships, Twitter followings and e-mail marketing Dr. Bob Wagstaff, Inventor of the OraBrush have achieved a marketing result for the launching of a new product that will stand as a bench-mark for online marketers.

W.O.M. product evangelists have exploded a frenzy of public interest in a product that quite frankly belongs in an area of health care most people are normally too shy to talk about.

Below is one of  the main YouTube videos published only four months ago in September, 2009, and already has amassed over 3.3 million viewers and over 7800 comments.

Watch the video and follow the links through to the website. Even better, buy the product as I did simply to view deep on the inside how Dr. Wagstaff and his crew have nailed product marketing in the 21st century.

Finally, watch this space! I have approached Dr. Bob Wagstaff for a one-to-one interview to ask some probing questions about the remarkable success of the product launch of Orabrush.