Short URL Expander

This could be the coolest thing I have found online all day!

This here is a real shortened URL using =>>> is a site where you can go and enter a long URL into a field to shorten it right down to a little URL.

Why would we need to do that?

Because sometimes the URL is simply way to long to enter into an email, post into a blog, Twitter post or forum entry.

But here is the thing. When your 'online audience' sees your shortened URL they may wonder where they will end up online if they click your shortened link.

Unfortunately, there are security risks with clicking blindly on shortened links.

Well, a solution has been discovered!

It's a FREE service you can find right now at

Here's an example of how it works.

Let's say you visit my Twitter account and see my recent post:
"Brand your tweets and stop giving away your Twitter real-estate to others =>>>"

Before deciding to follow your curiosity and click on the short link you do the following:
  1. Copy the shortened URL
  2. Paste it directly into the field at
  3. Press 'Expand' and watch the magic!
You will see the full-length URL which will reveal the destination domain of the link.

This gives you the option to see if the destination URL is truly connected to the pitch or content blurb describing the shortened link in the first place.

An example of the benefits of the short URL expander is when you see subject matter in the expanded domain name that is contrary to your interests (ie. porn or adult content) then you can choose to ignore clicking on the short link and move on.

Try it now using this short URL of mine =>>>