Share Your Social Media

Google Docs might be a Google application you know and use often.

But everyday more people start using social media for the first time and these people are unaware of the hundreds and thousands of tools and applications available to help them share their social media.

Google Docs is one of those tools. It's free to use as is most of what Google offers.

If you are yet to open an account with Google then do so today. Start a Google Gmail account for all our e-mailing needs. Once you do you will open a whole new world of emailing bells and whistles.

One of the amazing gifts Google give us is Google Docs.

Inside Google Docs you can do many of things you can do with a paid suite of tools like Microsoft Office for example.
Want to host an amazing document online and invite your friends and colleagues to not only view it but edit it as well? Google Docs lets you.

What about creating an amazing slide show of your recent wedding, party or holiday? Google Docs not only gives you the tools to create a great slide show but lets you also it online so you can share that too with your closest circle of family and friends - or with the entire world!

Create and share your work online -
  • Upload from and save to your desktop
  • Edit anytime, from anywhere
  • Pick who can access your social media documents 
  • Share changes in real time
  • Files are stored securely online
  • It's free!
A picture is worth a thousand words (although it took seven words to convey that thought) so here's a cool little video to introduce you to Google Docs. The rest is up to you!