Inside Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Danny Lanzer

Back in early 2009 I interviewed dermatologist and cosmetic surgery expert Dr Danny Lanzer about the emerging trends in cosmetic surgery procedures.

WARNING: The audio quality is less than perfect at times 

Many of the issues Dr Lanzer covered back then are now making the news exactly how he predicted.

For this reason I thought it appropriate to re-publish this candid interview above.

Some of the main topics we cover during this recorded audio interview of 30 minutes are:
  • Who Is Best Suited To Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Tumescent Liposuction
  • Breast Reduction (Men and Women)
  • Suture Lift
  • Saggy Necks
  • Around The Eyes
  • Wrinkles (Men and Women)
  • Blotches, Veins and Color Spots
  • Fat Removal
  • Mega Liposuction
I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I think you will too (if you can forgive the 'clicks' and 'pops' in the audio).

Dr Lanzer is at

Disclaimer:  This program is for information and education purposes only. Always seek professional advice for health, financial and/or legal matters.