Advertising and Correspondence - 1913 style (what a book!)


The publication is Advertising and Correspondence...

It's gotta be the publication on advertising every modern marketer should read.

Here's only seven subheadings from the book:

  • Evolution of advertising
  • Why the need for study of psychology arose in advertising
  • Importance of appeal to imagination
  • The necessity of conviction and persuasion
  • The value of the "YOU" attitude
  • Functions of the sales letter
  • Attracting attention

... and that's only a slither of what's inside.

You'll find 18 chapters in all. 

1913 - 
Heck, that's over 100 years ago!

The year of publication is 1913. 

So then -- what's changed in 100 years in the field of influence and persuasion?

Not much. Not much at all as far as the immutable laws of advertising are concerned.

Ah yes -- the medium has certainly changed. But the core elements of advertising have not.

  We still need a message. We still need a market. And we still need a media to deliver the message.

I found it by chance

Anyhow, I found this old publication quite by chance.

And the two people I need to thank are:

  Michael Senoff of (the biggest collection of FREE downloadable mp3 interviews about marketing).

Joe Vitale of (the gooroo the gooroo's go to about copywriting).

What do I owe them a big 'thank you' for?

  Because I went to Michael Senoff's Hard to Find Seminars web site and found the interview with Joe Vitale...

  After re-listening to the interview again (it's amazing how you will pick up something new on a second or third listen) I heard Joe Vitale mention the name GEORGE HOTCHKISS as one of his favorite authors on the topic of advertising.

Better look that name up

'Hmm' I'm thinking to myself 'better look that name up.'

After all -- if somebody of the ilk of Joe Vitale mentions a past name of 'greats and favorites' in the field of advertising, copywriting or marketing -- I want to know about them too.

So I did what you would do -- I Googled it.

And that's how I found the 1913 publication which includes George Hotchkiss on advertising.

What a find!

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