Should Social Media Be Held Accountable?

Should social media be held accountable for user actions?

At what point should social media be held responsible for publishing user-generated content?

What if YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. had to shut down because they could not control the things users post?

What if every blogging platform had to do the same?

What if you went to jail for comments posted on your blog?  

Google Case in Italy Has Serious Implications for the Web 

A judge in Milan, Italy has convicted three Google executives over a video uploaded to YouTube in a case, which could have serious implications for social media and ultimately, the web in general, at least in Italy. The video, uploaded back in 2006, featured a group of school kids bullying an autistic child. Google says it worked with Italian authorities to help ID the person responsible for uploading it, and the uploader and other participants from the video were sentenced to community service.

Now, in 2010, Google executives David Drummond, Peter Fleischer and George Reyes (3 out of 4 defendants) have been convicted for "failure to comply with the Italian privacy code". They were all found not guilty of criminal defamation.

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