The Little Guide To A Brilliant Attitude: Bob Allwright

Bob Allwright has a brilliant attitude

Not only that but he'll gladly guide you to having a brilliant attitude too! 

"Nothing has any meaning at all other than the meaning  you give it" - Bob Allwright

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What that means to you the listener is that you are about to be shown a sample of thoughts, ideas and skills that some of the most successful people in the world use on a daily basis.
Bob Allwright is the guest expert on media host Michael Searles' popular radio program Interviews with Experts.

Bob is one of Australia's leading speakers and trainers in personal development and advanced learning techniques. He is also author and self-publisher of the book by the same name, The Little Guide to a Brilliant Attitude.

I have a copy of Bob's book sitting on my bedside table. I'm thoroughly enjoying the read. And can I tell you something? I actually picked up a few new ways of looking at things.

His tips really work. I felt my attitude grow from good to better to brilliant.

Bob's inspiring personality and friendly nature have him in high demand at schools and corporate organizations across Asia Pacific.
The Little Guide to a Brilliant Attitude interview with Bob Allwright is essential listening (running time 21:56). 

And after you listen to the audio interview on this page go and grab your own copy of Bob's brilliant little book.
Brilliant Attitude with Bob Allwright . . . 

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