Remember to Surrender

There is nothing I enjoy more than trolling my local bookstore and finding a new book I had no idea existed.

Well - there is one thing I do enjoy more. That's when the book buys you!

I said what!?! How can a book 'buy you'?

What I mean is when the book seems to find you rather than you finding it. 

   That did happen I feel when I picked up a copy of The Naked Entrepreneur co-authored by Troy Hazard and Maria Elita.

I felt I just had to read it. If you read the book you will discover where that feeling comes from.

   Troy Hazard is an entrepreneurial genius who has founded and nurtured nine businesses over two decades, has been a few days from bankruptcy, has turned around businesses and has consulted to countless companies. It's those experiences that have kept audiences engaged in 16 countries. Hazard s business talents earned him international respect, enough to be elected by the world s foremost business leaders to the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

   Maria Elita lived an enchanted life, having wealth, stability and status. Nothing was out of reach for Ms Elita who either through money or persuasion attracted all she desired. Then without expectation, after her 30th birthday, that 'dream bubble' burst. She began to connect to the spiritual world and gifts she remembered as a child. She learned and saw a vision of life more profound. In this time of spiritual transformation her life s purpose was reveled. Ms Elita now serves as consultant to countless people and helps them find peace and clear their goals and vision. 

   The book is a great read. It's an easy read and if you have been following my episodes about intuition for business success then you will connect with the wisdom and advice in this book.
    I am in the process of contacting the authors to pass on an invitation for an interview I hope I can bring you here on my Social Media Channel. 

   Something tells me it's going to happen but I will follow the advice in the book and 'remember to surrender' to the outcome.