Official Google Buzz Buttons

Recently Google officially released the Google Buzz 'Share' and 'Follow' buttons.

Vist my own Google Buzz channel if you don't yet know how Google Buzz works and watch the video below.

The buttons will directly post your articles to Google Buzz when somebody clicks on them and the optional counter will measure and show how many times somebody Buzz's your post(s).

What's in it for you?

It means more of your content will be seen by more people more of the time. Yummy!
I have installed the Google Buzz Buttons to Michael Searles Social Media Channel today, so any counters showing a number above zero will have been clicked on or after today, April 22.
You can read more about Google Buzz Buttons at where I get all the latest Blogger and Google related updates (thanks guys!).
Go here for their actual post page on this topic.
Below is what you will see if you visit G-Buzz Stuff and decide to install the Google Buzz Button to your blog or site posts.