How to Record Video Chat on Skype

Recording video chat on Skype is so simple today.

Would you believe over 40 per cent of Skype users world-wide use video at any one time.

When you consider that there are millions upon millions of people talking right now on Skype, any application designed to enhance the experience is going to be popular!

Press Play

Australian software creator Jeremy Hague is guest on this podcast episode of Interviews with the Experts and he talks candidly about the birth and evolution of his product creations.

He and his company Netralia Pty Ltd (combination of 'NET' and 'Australia') are creators of Skype approved and licensed applications VodBurner (video), CallBurner (audio) and Skylook (Microsoft Outlook email) and his company is a Skype certified partner.

Skype is a free to install VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platform that lets you chat, talk and video with anybody in the world - all in real time.

Here Jeremy tells Big Buzz Interviews host Michael Searles the story of how his own applications for Skype were created and adds some useful tips on how to best record your video and audio VoIP calls using Skype today . . . oh, and he gives a gem of a tip about creating your own million dollar software idea!

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