Social Media with the Expert, Shel Holtz

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Choose A or B. Who uses Facebook more today . . . ?

   A) Grandmothers
   B) High School Students

According to Social Media Expert, author and speaker Shel Holtz more baby-boomer aged grand-mothers own social networking accounts today.

Shel Holtz is our guest expert on this podcast episode of Interviews with the Experts and he tells host Michael Searles the reasons why mature aged internet users are embracing social media with a passion.

When Shel Holtz is asked what is so good about social media today he answers "three things . . ." with a such conviction in his voice there is no doubt he is truly passionate about his area of expertise.

He shares some interesting points about how corporations are using (or not using) social media in their marketing mix. There's even a few tips for the home-based entrepreneur who, like Shel, may be building their business empire from the spare room at home. The podcast is cued and ready to stream through your headphones or speakers below.


Shel Holtz is a keynote speaker at the Social Media Plus Summit, Philadelphia, USA in May, 2010.

Visit Shel Holtz online at or at his Twitter account via @shelholtz.

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