Nigel Lane - Helping People Find A Better Way

Nigel Lane of understands the P.O.W.E.R of finding a better way to solve life's common problems.

In his e-book he explains the five core drivers of human change using the word p-o-w-e-r. He talks about this and working with youth in this audio interview.

P = possibilities
O = organization
W = will-power
E = emotional support
R = results
Nigel Lane offers his free e-book titled P.O.W.E.R Steps to Success at

A Youth Worker with a background working with adolescents and in youth prisons he is a man made for helping others.

Michael Searles hosts this episode of Interviews with the Experts to ask guest Nigel Lane the probing questions to dig deeper into the heart and mind of somebody working at the edge of human emotion.

Listen via the flash-player above.

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