Address Bar versus Search Window - Which Do You Prefer?

When you want to view a website for which you already know the URL or domain name ( or do you use the web browser address bar or the search window of your favorite search engine ?

My suggestion is to use the address bar in every case you want to go directly to the website and only use the search window when you wish to view other websites listed under the same search keywords.

Let's say you are interested learning how to interview an expert on the Internet and then turn the interview into cash. You are aware of the site (a new project of mine).

The quickest and most direct way to view that site is to simply enter the domain into the 'address bar' of your preferred browser.

The address bar is normally at the upper most part of your browser window and directly beneath the window options - eg. File, Edit, View, History etc.
In my case, as I prefer to use Mozilla Firefox, I would be doing this . . .

If I was interested in similar websites, blog or social media activity on the related topic I would then use the search window. In my case that would be Google like this . . . 

As I am in Australia I choose to set Google to the Australia settings by default.

It's easy to forget that when you do this stuff every day there are people coming onto the Internet for the first time in their lives every day too. And they would not know all the simple basics.

So, there you go. A basic little tip that for most readers would be nothing new . . . but for you, it just might be the time saver you are looking for.