Fishing Knots with Geoff Wilson

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'Fishing Knots Illustrated' is a current break-out search term and emerging search trend on Google in 2010 so it is appropriate that Interviews with Experts host Michael Searles hunts down and interviews an expert in fishing knots and rigs.

Anybody interested in angling will enjoy listening to Australian fishing expert Geoff Wilson.

Listen above to fishing author, fishing knot illustrator and fishing writer Geoff Wilson (right) talk for thirty minutes about his fishing background and his popular fishing knots.
"I think if more people spent more time in preparation I really think they would have a more satisfying outcome in their fishing. It's not the time on the water that for me is important as is the preparation."

Geoff's popular book 'Geoff Wilson's Complete Book of Fishing Knots and Rigs' can be purchased in soft and hard back with the latter published with an accompanying DVD with Geoff demonstrating his fishing knots.

Video of Geoff Wilson showing how to tie the Locked Half-Blood Knot.
"There's really only three knots used for fishing . . . "
Geoff Wilson tells us that while there may only be three main types of fishing knots there are in fact dozens upon dozens of different ways to tie them. If you have not yet listened to the audio interview at the top of this page do so now.

Whether you enjoy fishing on fresh water, salt water, from a pier, along side a river, over a boat or from the top of a bridge one thing is common. You will need to tie a hook or lure to your line and prepare your rig.

Let Geoff Wilson show you how.

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