YouTube or Facebook? Which Gets More Tweets in 24 Hours?

Here's a cool site to find out what site gets the most tweets in a 24 hour period but there's lots of other handy stats for the people who (like me) live with numbers.

The site to visit is

Go there right now and you will discover that in the past 24 hours has been shared in 10,808 and is at the top position of thirty sites listed in total. is down at number seventh position with its URL shared in 4,008 tweets on Twitter in the past 24 hours (as at 5:09PM, July, 14, Australian Eastern Standard Time, source

The other handy tool at is the short URL converter.

Ever get an email with a short URL like or and want to know what the destination URL or domain is before clicking?

All you need to do is grab (copy) the short URL and paste it directly into the field at and 'presto' - the full un-shortened URL is revealed.

It really is the URL shortening process in reverse.

Here's one I prepared earlier (I have always wanted to say that) . . . 

 image from

. . . and 'presto' the long URL is revealed  . . .

image from

Other information at includes most shared YouTube videos posted on Twitter; last public pics posted on Twitter and most shared videos.

PS In case you have gone straight to the bottom of the post looking for the answer to the question: "Which site gets more Twitter mentions in 24 hours?" YouTube with 10,808 mentions.